About Us

Youth Workers Association of Georgia is a membership based organization uniting practitioner youth workers. The aim of the Association is to contribute to the quality development and recognition processes of youth work and youth workers in Georgia.

Objectives of the Association:

  • Raising awareness and polularizing youth work on governmental and civic levels;
  • Advocating for recognition and professionalisation of youth work on Georgian level;
  • Supporting the youth work development processes and creation and adoption of code of ethics of youth workers;
  • Creating an educational platform for developing the competencies of youth workers;
  • Supporting the coordination of youth workers on local, national and international levels.

The Association works within the 3 strategic directions for the 2019-2022 time period:

1. Supporting the development of youth work in Georgia:

  • Competent development of youth workers;
  • Raising awareness about youth work, its role and functions.

2. International Cooperation:

  • Building partnerships with youth worker organizations on international level;
  • International educational activities about youth work and youth workers’ competence development.

3. Networking and membership:

  • Membership and development of the membership structure;
  • Supporting the members in development of their competences.




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